Future Bridge Between Music and Crypto?

The Union of Digital Currency and Music has Arrived! 

     Our pitch targets all octaves in the industry, from high to low, from artist to label. Every music enthusiast has something to gain from this technology, especially a new wallet. The blending of digital currency with a music platform will become the future of sharing this art. Our company developed the solution to the mundane refrain of digital music monopoly. Our solution that utilizes a dedicated high tempo digital currency named CrescenDoge (cre-shen-dō-ge) can empower the artist by allowing the market to directly elevate their music’s monetary value. This will be the music industries positive change in tempo.

What is the magic behind the curtain?

     Part of our strategy is to accelerate the adoption of a blockchain based sales market within the music industry. This will create an access point that is free for the end user and where Crescendo Radio comes into play! We use blockchain technology to sell digital music as if it were a physical product. By selling music as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT’s) we can create an entire new and independent market sector within the industries of crypto and music. Within this sector, artists will be able to control the amount and supply of digital assets. The CrescenDoge NFT Music Marketplace will allow users to purchase Music NFTs and add them to their NFT Music Wallet. Through the use of smart contracts, artists and labels continue to earn money on secondary market sales as well when the asset is traded or gifted. This format will become the preferred sales avenue for artists and labels alike due to its control of supply in continuous revenue generated through these contracts.


Within the Crescendo radio feature of our Crescendo Music app, users will be able to listen to curated playlists and accumulate credits in the form of CrescenDoge. This will be achieved by listening to ads or by upgrading to an ad free experience, which would include a set amount of tokens being rewarded every month upon renewal. These credits then can be used to purchase songs and add them to your NFT Wallet Playlist! Most importantly, CrescenDoge will not only be used as the native currency side by side with BNB Smart Chain, it will be a governance token allowing holders to vote on featured content, changes to the platform, and other exciting community driven decisions. How will networking and community produce sweet harmony?

Project progression will be broadcasted on a variety of platforms. Our primary outreach methods will be the direct discord server and company website newsletter. This will relay information such as key milestones that the company surpassed, new artist news, future beta testing of the music exchange platform called Crescendo Music featuring our exclusive NFT CrescenDoge, future jobs within the company, and much more.             

Here, all information will flow to every investor that joins the server. The developer team will always be available to respond in a timed manner regarding specific questions that aren’t listed on the general FAQ’s. The main goal is to provide complete transparency to its investors and content creators.

How do you purchase our NFT and ride the stairway to heaven?

     If users want to start investing into this newly developed project, our company has made it simple to do. The hyperlinks below provide a step- by-step direction for you to be on on your way successfully investing and accessing future artists teaming with CrescenDoge. Our initial set list launch will blow your speakers away. Investors can wager five different forms of cryptocurrency in order to add to the liquidity pool and gain rewards! Our team’s first priority to its investors was to provide a set hold in value of the token by providing a forever locked amount, occurring May 6th, 2021. The team wants to grow and expand this community to develop enthusiasm, dedication, and commitment. Join our musical revolution to soothe souls across the world.


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Adding to Liquidity Pool

Discord Server

Telegram Server

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